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Tyrel's Rust Static Site Generator


  • config.yaml
  • links.yaml
  • template html
  • static directory

example: config.yaml

output_dir: public
  source: data/links/links.yaml
  template: templates/links/links.html
  static_dir: static/

example: links.yaml

  title: Where to find Tyrel Souza
  name: Tyrel Souza
  description: Software Engineer, gamer, tech-enthusiast, ham, pilot, father
  avatar: loupe.jpg
  background: moroccan-flower-dark.png
  background_opacity: 0.7

  - title: Sites
      - text: Blog
        icon: fa fa-blog
        href: https://tyrel.dev
  - title: Social
      - text: Mastodon
        rels: me
        icon: fa fa-mastodon
        href: https://mastodon.social/@tyrel
  - title: Gaming
      - text: Switch Friendcode
        icon: fa-solid fa-gamepad
        copy: "SW-1711-7753-4091"

example template.html

This is a jinja template (uses the rust crate minijinja) that has any variable in the links.yaml available as context variables. Docs will come some day. TODO: Docs

Example code Here

static dir

This is optional, but everything inside will be copied directly next to the index.html in the links directory, put things like css or avatar images here.

Debating on manually needing to specify a list of files in config: but not sold on that yet.

Blog - Coming Soon